An Urban Farm Restaurant
In Bangkok

Rooted in Thai soi.
Inspired by our Indian heritage.

We cook Neo-Indian cuisine using sustainable and local produce. We grow vegetables, herbs and fish hyper locally at our restaurant.

And we create zero waste.

Everything we do is to give back.

To the soil.
To our community.
To our ancestors.

We grow what we cook
We cook what we love

Among Haoma’s core values is
a deep respect for nature.

We strive to create the best flavors from what’s available in our surroundings.

We bring the freshest organic Thai ingredients, produce and high quality sustainable meats to your plate, to deliver the impeccable flavors and plate presentations inspired by Chef DK's Indian roots like never before.

Your own plate of nature

We serve the finest selection of Sustainable, Organic and Bio-Dynamic wines sourced tastefully from the finest wine producers across the globe.

If wine is your thing,
you’ll love Haoma’s approach to wines.

Bangkok's First
Urban Farm Restaurant