not on our watch

We are in the middle of a global pandemic.

The COVID-19 virus has infected hundreds of thousands of people, and every day thousands are dying. Millions of people have lost their jobs, and risk losing even more with no income to pay rent or to buy groceries.

It’s no different at home here in Thailand. Over 30% of our GDP comes from Tourism, but with no guests to care for, restaurants and hotels have shut down. Hospitality workers are being laid off, their sources of income disappearing overnight.

They all have children to feed, and elders to care for, just like you and I.

We’ve decided that we will not just stand on the sidelines and watch our brothers and sisters suffer. The world is one big family, we are all connected and we can all take care of each other in this time of need.

Sometimes that’s all it takes – a helping hand, a simple act of kindness.

We need your help to put a nutritious meal in the hands of folks that are hurting.
Join us now. Make a contribution. Spread the word.

Do your part in making sure that no one goes hungry tonight.
Not on our watch.

If you don’t use Paypal, you can make your donations to support the poor and jobless at:

Bank Name: Kasikorn Bank
Account Name: MG The Food by DK Co,. LTD
Branch : Central Rama 9
Account number : 006-294-2193

We distribute hundreds of meals everyday!