We’ve studied the origins and the 8000-year-old evolution of India’s culinary culture
to create a Neo-Indian cuisine which can only exist at Haoma.

From east to west, from land to sea,
from the temple to the home, from the palace to the street,
we find inspiration in the past that points the way to our future.

Symbolism, spirituality, story and spice play an integral part in developing each recipe.
With every gesture we pay respect to our ancestors, and with each ingredient used,
we build a better world for future generations.

Our People

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Deepanker Khosla, affectionately known as “DK”, is as passionate about re-imagining authentic Classic Indian cuisine which he likes to call Neo-Indian, as he is for achieving food sustainability.
Haoma is his dream-come-true project that began with an online course in Aquaponics and just a year later had bloomed into a full-blown, functioning urban farm in the heart of Bangkok. But it was a year of toiling the earth, coaxing fish to grow in new waters and of experimenting through many trials and errors to optimize flavors – all the while working to create a food system that can truly be called sustainable.
DK`s commitment to the environment is contagious and so is his drive and passion to deliver excellent cuisine at Haoma Bangkok.
Vishvas Sidana, is quoted as saying “I always thought wine was something reserved only for the elite upper classes and in order to enjoy it you had to know a lot about it. Wine can be very intimidating and I was pleasantly surprised to learn that it is just the opposite.”

Driven with his love and passion for the juice, Vishwas has committed himself to take Food and beverage service to a level never seen before. He has several decisions to make every day – some right, some tough, but he somehow always chooses the sustainable one.

He is still trying to figure if he loves MotoGP or hospitality more.

Pillars of Haoma

Khun Soontorn , also lovingly know as Kaew met with us in the early stages of the restaurant and has played a key role in sustainable developments at Haoma . After quitting is job as an engineer at a Solar power development firm, Kaew moved to Chiang Mai where he grows every little produce with tender love and care with the most sustainable and organic practices.
Khun Chalermpon Chainid – Being a Neo Indian restaurant, Haoma uses a lot of dairy products and the best of them are prepared with utmost care. Chalermpon provides anti biotic and harmone free milk and milk products to Haoma.
Khun Chutirat Phreaknatthee – A pioneer in ethical and sustainable fishing in Thailand , Khun Tong was the first of our suppliers to come our way providing us with line caught fish and other seafoods, precured from smaller fisherman across Thailand, helping us achieve our goals of local yet delicious.
Khun Thanyada Kittikunadul, after studing in the UK , She returned to join her fathers small Poultry farm which is not one of the largest Organic chicken operations in Bangkok. Redefining Free range, their birds live outside. They don’t give them any preventive medicines or hormones. The brids drink only Clean natural water and eat grains, vegetable wastes and fruits.
Mohd. Hammad, is Chef DK’s childhood friend and the one who gave Haoma the flight of sustainability. Designing a gorgeous ethnic Thai house into a rainwater harvesting, vertical garden and fish husbandry powerhouse, Hammad works closely with DK to drive Haoma’s sustainability innovation leading to a successful zero-waste program.
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Khun Tukta is our gardener, Urban farmer who has been producing vegetables, flowers and herbs for Haoma on site and also in her little nursery in Nonthaburi. On his travels , DK always returns with amazing seeds for her, which they then plan and sow to keep the Haoma urban farm and fish systems prospering and alive.