Sustainable food grown
right in front of our guests’ eyes

A green lung in the heart of Bangkok, Haoma is a regenerative urban farm restaurant where vegetables, herbs and fish are grown and harvested right before our guests’ eyes.
Mimicking a healthy ecosystem, our aquaponics farm utilises food waste to cycle back nutrients to the soil.

Mimicking a healthy ecosystem, our aquaponics farm utilises food waste to cycle back nutrients to the soil.Creating a bio-diverse and healthy landscape, our farm is free from pesticides and fertilisers.
We do not seek organic certification, Instead we seek to ensure the environmental effects of food production, distribution and consumption are as small as possible.

 Currently at the restaurant we conserve more than 100,000 litres of rainwater. The rainwater is used to grow fish in it. The Fish is fed the food made with the organic solid waste of the kitchen. The excrete of the fish enriches the rainwater with nutrients and enzymes which in turn in then used to irrigate our Aquaponics system in which we grow over 20 varieties of pants, herbs and edible flowers. Soil waste is also used to build organic compost which helps to enrich our vertical farming systems on the premises of the restaurant as seen in the picture above. The guest at Haoma consume both the fish and the plants thus Haoma is a complete Ecosystem restaurant. As a part of the dining experience at Haoma, all guest get a complete tour of the Urban Farm and the Fish Husbandry.

What we can’t grow at our restaurant, we grow in Chiang Mai, on our community-share farm.
What we can’t grow on our farm, we source from local suppliers who raise, grow or catch their produce
in the most sustainable, responsible and ethical means possible.


Nourishing our Neighbours



As Haoma grows from strength to strength, as does our ability to give back to the community.

We have a number of community initiatives, including working with local schools to educate children on the importance of sustainability – letting the children get their hands dirty by planting herbs and trees – to developing a seed-sharing program with local farmers.

As well as supporting local charities and donating meals through a home grown Program called BAM-DAM or Buy a meal – Donate a meal, where we offer meals to the underprivileged children and rural schools on special occasions. We believe in equal opportunity, and actively recruit staff who might otherwise struggle to find employment.

To learn more, or to get involved please contact us at [email protected]